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Part Time Evening Courses

The Tennessee College of Applied Technology - Knoxville is pleased to offer a selection of courses that are designed to accommodate your busy schedule. Compare the cost and length of our courses and we know you will choose TCAT - Knoxville for your training.


Unfortunately, there is no Financial Aid available for the Part-Time and Evening Programs except Nursing Aide at Tennessee College of Applied Technology - Knoxville.


Part Time/Supplemental Courses Location
BLS for Providers (CPR) TCAT Knoxville main campus
CDL Refresher TCAT Knoxville main campus
Dental Radiology (for Registered Dental Assistants) TCAT Knoxville main campus
Dental Sealants (for Registered Dental Assistants) TCAT Knoxville main campus
IV Therapy TCAT Knoxville main campus
Medical Terminology TCAT Knoxville main campus
Monitoring Nitrous Oxide (for Registered Dental Assistants) TCAT Knoxville main campus
Nursing Aide (CNA) TCAT Knoxville main campus
Phlebotomy TCAT Knoxville main campus

HOW TO APPLY (tuition payment, application, and prequesites must be submitted together):

  1. Visit
  2. Click on Apply Now. Create a First Time User Account.
  3. Choose Application Type 4: Special Industry/Supplemental.
  4. On the Program of Study page, select Knoxville - Supplemental - Day (courses offered during the day or weekend) or Knoxville - Supplemental - Evening (courses offered in the evening only).  Nurse Aide courses are available through Application Type 1: New Student Application.
  5. Click the button "Enter Other Majors, Minors and Concentrations" to select specific course. If the course isn't list here, click the Change this Program button to make a new selection.
  6. Once an application is waitlisted and accepted to the program, the applicant will receive an email notification to pay tuition (costs are shown in the below PDF). Accepted methods of payments are cash, credit, and debit.  
  7. Provide a copy of all prerequisite documents if required (listed in the below PDF).


Registration is ongoing each trimester until either the course reaches capacity or the course begins. Fall 2020 registration starts August 3rd at 8:30 am.