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Tennessee College of Applied Technology Knoxville hosted the High School Eastern ​Regional Conference for SkillsUSA Tennessee on Thursday February 9th 2024. 

This conference also occurred during SkillsUSA Week, which runs from February 4th through February 9th. Five days are dedicated to sharing and displaying the merits of SkillsUSA participation and the positive impact of involvement at all levels. But for dedicated chapters like ours, every week is SkillsUSA week! 

Highlights of SkillsUSA Week 2024

On Monday, our local SkillsUSA officers visited classrooms and presented instructors with a card of appreciation for all they do to support our SkillsUSA chapter. 

Thanks to Joshua Hamilton, Mike Sledinski, Chad Crum, Mauri Jonquet, and all the other instructors that make us #TCATproud of our school.

On Tuesday, TCAT Knoxville students gave back to their school community by participating in a campus-wide cleanup. Keep Knoxville Beautiful, a local organization that wishes to “inspire and empower Knox County communities to improve their quality of life through beautification and environmental stewardship,” donated supplies to the cause and helped us beautify our campus. 

For more information about Keep Knoxville Beautiful, visit their website:

On Wednesday, TCAT Knoxville partnered with ShoffnerKalthoff MES, Inc. They shared what it's like to work for their company with our Pipefitting, HVAC and Industrial Electrical students, giving them an idea of what employment could look like for them post-graduation. 

Learn more about careers at ShoffnerKalthoff MES here:

Thursday, we celebrated Advocacy Day with the High School Eastern Regional Conference for SkillsUSA Tennessee. 

This competition was one of five regional high school competitions that were hosted across the state during SkillsUSA Week. Over 14 high schools in the eastern region of the state were in attendance at the event, participating across seven different program competitions including Automotive Maintenance and Light Repair, Carpentry, Cosmetology, Crime Scene Investigation, Welding, and Welding Fabrication. 

Winners of the regional competition are eligible to compete at the High School ​State Leadership and Skills Conference in Chattanooga TN from April 14-17, 2024. 
For more information about the State Leadership and Skills Conference, visit

And last but not least, TCAT Knoxville celebrated SkillsUSA Day by wearing red in support!

Thank you to everyone who supported SkillsUSA this week. This organization is dedicated to making sure that America has a skilled workforce, as we at TCAT Knoxville are dedicated to seeing our students excel.

If this competition was any indication of future success, we can be proud of the high school students that competed and excited about the future they will contribute to creating. 

What You Need To Know About SkillsUSA

All SkillsUSA competitions, starting with high schoolers at the regional level who are preparing to enter the workforce in the next couple years, are intended to showcase the best career and technical education students and highlight their achievements. 

By involving industry partners and instructors at our institute, the goal is to reward them for their excellence, work ethic, and skill.In addition, these career competition events ensure that our future workforce is kept up to speed and relevant to what employers need in the field. 

TCAT Knoxville encourages its students to participate in SkillsUSA at a post-secondary level. Ask your instructor about this opportunity or contact for more information about our school’s chapter. 

It’s only just ended but we cannot wait for next year’s SkillsUSA Week!

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Contact if you want to find out how to participate in future events. 
Visit to learn more about SkillsUSA at the national level.