Associate Instructor of Truck Driving, Full Time

To provide quality instruction for student learning and to maintain a positive learning environment in the classroom.

Application Deadline


Required Qualifications

Candidates must have high school diploma or equivalent.
• Must hold a valid commercial driver’s license in Tennessee with minimum of three years’ experience as over-the-road driver with exemplary record.
• Must possess good verbal and written communication skills.
• Must be able to organize and provide theoretical and practical instructional activities to enable students to obtain CDL.

Preferred Qualifications

Experience in higher education and current state certified third-party examiner is preferred.


The Truck Driving Instructor is responsible for teaching all phases of the program to include safety regulations; CDL regulations, traffic laws, road atlas and highway routes; instruments and cab controls; engine and air brake systems, adverse weather condition driving techniques; hazardous materials transportation; clutch, gear and transmission patterns; coupling and uncoupling trailers, obstacle course and backing procedures; defensive driving; and over-the-road driving experiences. Must maintain an active advisory committee, communicate with business and industry on a regular basis. Other duties include curriculum development and updates, student record keeping, student recruitment, placement and follow-up of program graduates, and program budgeting. - (Essential)


  • Strong abilities in multi-tasking, customer service, interpersonal skills, and organization
  • • Basic computer skills to perform data entry for testing and email
  • • Must possess communication skills necessary to effectively interact with students, public, outside agencies and employees at all levels both written and verbally
  • • Ability to work as part of a team in a fast-paced environment
  • • Ability to maintain confidentiality
  • • Ability to meet deadlines


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